Monday, June 11, 2007

Ode to Microcosm

Just wanted to re-state that Microcosm is a fantastic venue in terms of working with libraries. For those libraries who are just starting, they offer a very nice donation package of zines with your first order. Also, they sent me two coveted (no one who has them here will give them up!) zines created by former Watkins College of Art&and Design student Shaun Silfter and former Austin Peay State student Ally Syan:

Ross Winn: Digging Up A Tennessee Anarchist by Shaun Slifer
An unearthing of Ross Winn, an anarchist from Texas and Tennessee in the late 19th century who printed a series of newspapers, most notably Ross Winn's Firebrand and corresponded with Emma Goldman. Shaun and company seek out his history and find a good deal of it in the process. We get to learn about their trip to Ross' grave, his upbringing, and friction from his partner's family, his conservative environment, and his own family (thanks to McKinley's assassination, supposedly inspired by anarchists.) As anyone who knows me can testify this is exactly the kind of zine I eat up, and this one is no exception. I respect the dedication with which the information was persued and the result is impressive. Additional artwork by Erik Ruin.
(review from micrcosm website)


Another Chance: A Zine About Bioremediation by Ally Reeves
Bioremediation? No, it's not just another "Antidisestablishmentarianism." It's actually the process of using plants to detoxify soil. This zine provides an intro to the history and the concepts involved, plus has an interview with an urban farm in Pittsburgh, relevant book reviews, and neat prints of helpful plants. Most DIY environmental focus today is on the prevention of further waste, not on cleaning up the mess we already have. And the solutions we're given are frustrating with few tangible results. That's what's so neat about bioremediation -- It's something small and proactive with a big impact! Plus, this cover of this zine is gorgeous!
(review from Micrososm website)

I am so glad to have these in our collection. Thank you Microcosm!

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