Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ART+BOOK+NOISE: going hybrid

I had the pleasure of attending last month's ARLIS (Art Libraries Society of North America) conference in Atlanta- my first large conference as a...gulp, professional.

I am still working on catching-up and implementing all I have learned...ahem-that's my lame excuse for not posting lately. I learned lots during the workshops, panels, meetings and so forth- however, the most exciting and moving moments came though chance meetings with old and new friends. One such chance meeting occured at the new members pub crawl.

I happened upon dining with CeCi Moss an art librarian, DJ, and author of the art+music blog A Million Keys and Suz Massen, an art librarian, art history grad student, comic book lover, and founder of The Desk Set. From said illustrious friends I gained some info to pass along here, hopefully they will illuminate choice words for post title, anyhow...enjoy and thank you, here's to chance meetings.

Ooga Booga Bookstore
"a mixed-up artsy hub where musicians can act like designers, artists can act like musicians, and designers can act like writers."- L.A. Edition

This site is worth checking out- find zines and various hard to find printed books, broadsides, music and other neat stuffs.

Rhizome is an interesting animal for those who gravitate to alternative media. Rhizome is a non-profit which serves as a global community and forum for new media arts. This website has shown pioneering leadership in using new 2.0 tools to create a dynamic website. Artists who post on this site have been given the honors of tagging their work. This has helped created a unique, creative, innovative web arts community.

Printed Matter
I had the pleasure of stumbling upon the Printed Matter booth at the ARLIS exhibition hall. I wanted to lick each and every book they had- they were just amazing. Printed matter carries a variety of periodicals (both contemporary and historical) relating to alternative media and arts. Printed Matter started as a non-profit alternative arts space in 1976, through the years it has morphed into one of the largest non-profits dedicated to publications created by artists.
Here is a blurb from their site...

"Recognized for years as an essential voice in the increasingly diversified art world conversations and debates, Printed Matter is dedicated to the examination and interrogation of the changing role of artists’ publications in the landscape of contemporary art."

Art Metropole
I also stumbled upon an exhibit from Art Metropole at the ARLIS conference having near exstatico fetish-like biblio meltdown as I pawned over their stacks. Founded in 1974 by a Canadian artists group "General Idea," Art Metropole is a non-profit that exhibits, publishes, and promotes contemporary artists' created media in book, music, and mixed media format.

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