Monday, May 21, 2007

Allied Media Conference, 2007

"It's getting louder and louder out there. Though much of humanity is still silenced, more people than ever are speaking out. Whether it be with high-tech tools like blogs, video cameras, and MPCs, or lo-fi tools like spray paint or the spoken word, people are voicing their truths and forging new connections. For eight years, the Allied Media Conference has contributed to that by providing hands-on trainings, accessible discussions, and a supportive community.

Now in its ninth year, the AMC will continue to provide a critical space for us to strategize on the role of media in our communities and movements. In a time of escalating war, and the daily violence of neoliberal policies, we need media that amplifies the voices of those most affected by these crises. We need media that not only breaks silence, but mobilizes people to envision alternatives and to take action.

This year the AMC moves to Detroit. This international city of communities, neighborhoods, and grassroots organizations looks forward to welcoming conference attendees as visitors and allies.

Together we will explore how participatory media can be a source of transformation for ourselves, for our communities and, on a larger scale, the world. We will investigate ways of making and using media that empower both the producer and the receiver, that create new relationships and realities. Against the silence that surrounds, we will find new ways of being heard, and of hearing one another."

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