Thursday, April 19, 2007


"Literary finds for mutated minds" Located in Baltimore; ordering and shipping info. from their website:

"ALL SALES ARE FINAL!You don't think we'd let you buy smut, use it and then return it, do ya? ORDERS SHIP SOONER IF ALL ITEMS ARE IN STOCK!!!In the world of the alternative/underground small press it's almost impossible to keep all items in stock at all times, due to the hard-to-find and hard-to-obtain nature of these products. We honestly do our best and try to give you as varied a selection as possible, even though it means dealing with hundreds of distributors, zine producers, etc. Most orders ship out the week it's placed, but some do take longer. You will be notified if something is out of stock or has recently gone out of print. So please check you email! We try to fill all backorders within 4-8 weeks.

HOW CAN I CHECK TO SEE IF AN ITEM IS IN STOCK?Give us a call! Our phone number is +1.410.662.4444, and if you call during business hours (Mon-Tue 11am-6pm, Wed-Sat 11-8PM, EST) we can check the shelves while we have you on the line."

Located in Illinoise. This website is well organized and extreamly helpful for the novice zine enthusiast; ordering and shipping info:

"All orders will be mailed out on Tuesday and Saturday of each week. Orders mailed on Tuesday will be packed Monday evening. If you place your order after 6pm on Monday night, it won't go out until Saturday morning. Ditto for Friday night by 6pm."

Located in Bloomington, IN. They have a very thourough FAQ section on thier website about ordering, here is an exert:

"How do I order something?
Fill out the print order form, write everything down on a piece of paper, or hit the buttons next to the items.
The online ordering system can calculate your total with shipping costs for all orders. You can print your order form at checkout and mail it with a check (or cash or money order) if you don't want to use a credit card.
We now offer integrated paypal ordering on checkout.
If you prefer to do the math manually, you can add up the cost of your items and the shipping weights. Enclose well hidden US cash (wrapped in two sheets of paper), check, or money order to MICROCOSM PUBLISHING!
Credit card orders are best placed on our website. We no longer have a physical terminal.
Postal address is Microcosm / 222 S Rogers St. / Bloomington, IN 47404"

Zine Distro out of Richmond, VA; info. from thier website about working with libraries:

"OVERVIEW OF LIBRARY POLICIES:a) I can easily work with purchase orders and, in fact, I even prefer them for larger orders such as the ones usually placed by libraries.
b) I'm happy to adhere to whatever billing policy your library has in place. Certainly I prefer to be paid before shipping your order, however, I'll also send an invoice and be as patient as necessary.
c) I can offer bulk discounts upon request, however, the amount varies depending on the size of your order.
d) I charge a flat shipping fee of $10 for all library orders.
e) I accept payment in the form of a check or PayPal payment.
f) I'm only an e-mail away at all times."

A great indie bookstore in Chicago; info. from thier website:

"All orders are shipped out via the US POST OFFICE. Please allow 4-10 business days for delivery within the contiguous USA. Quimby's shipping charges are as follows:
$4.00 for orders $30.00 and under,
$6.00 for orders between $30.01 and $79.99,
$9.00 for orders $80.00 and above. We can also ship your package via UPS or FedEx, please contact us for details.

All sales are final. Finito. Cha-ching! However, we understand the difficulties in ordering an item without seeing it first. If you would like more information about an item prior to ordering, please call us during business hours at 773/342-0910, and we will gladly describe it in greater detail."


Marie{super-nova} said...

hey, thnx for the great list! itll help me out alot later on...but i had a huge you know anyone who distributes in Arizona? itd be great if you could let me know okay? once again
thanks alot,

ZMedia librarian said...

Thanks for writing, I never know who sees this thing.
In regards to your question, check out the list from
Zine World. I did not see any Arizona distros but
perhaps it will help.
They are currently updating thier distro directory-
I'll let you know if any come up.
All Best!