Sunday, October 26, 2008


My last post spoke of an upcoming time of transition, since writing I have made the decision to take a research librarianship position on the west coast, resulting in the retirement of this blog. The WCAD Library Zine Collection  is now in the hands of Lisa Williams (, the new WCAD Assistant Librarian/Visual Resources Curator. She is pushing the zine project forward in the WCAD community and  Nashville at large. See the new WCAD library webpage for more on the collection and Lisa at:

I have had an incredible time working with the WCAD zine collection, the zine library community, and Nashville community activists. A special thanks to the Firebrand Collective who donated over 200 zines to the collection, due largely to the support and efforts of  firebrand members Sean and Ryan.  

I plan to vie for a zine collection for my new institution and continue to work to bring alternative media into libraries. I am grateful to be working with Dan Tsang who has a similar passion for alternative media. Dan has passed on his duties of film collection development to me, and is a prolific voice for alternative film and politics. He has a radio show, Subversity on our local college radio station, check it out! 

I am currently posting all new projects on my website which include zine bibliographies and resources I have developed and posted on this blog. A heartfelt thanks to all who have read this blog and contributed your ideas and support for the founding of the WCAD Zine Collection.

Peace and Respect,

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